Stainless Steel Fashion and Accessories

Stainless steel is tough, we all know that. That is why it is the alloy of choice in the industry, be it construction, heavy manufacturing (such as planes and ships), and even in the production of household appliances. Stainless steel is a metal already part of our everyday lives. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised now that it is also a popular metal in jewelry.

The Variants of Stainless Steel

If you’re curious, the alloy used in the industry is not exactly the same with the ones used for jewelry. The composition is the same, but the amount of nickel in the alloy varies. Nickel is important as it boosts the strength of the alloy, but too much of it makes it harsh to the skin.

In the industry, often in construction, the type of alloy used is the 312L. This variant has the highest nickel content over all types, hence the strongest. The one used for commercial purposes, like for cookware and other appliances is the 314L, the commercial grade stainless steel. Compared to the latter, the 314L has lower nickel content. Nevertheless it’s still tough enough to handle great stress, like for example when pressure cooking.

The one used in jewelry is the 316L, or the surgical grade stainless steel. The name goes because this metal is the one which scalpels and other surgical tools are made. It has the lowest nickel content of them all, thereby making this skin friendly even to the most sensitive of skins.

Stainless Steel in Fashion

Owning to its unique shine, skin friendly properties, and general toughness, steel is another metal of choice for the general fashion crowd. Plus, it is really cheap and readily available. Due to this advantage, many manufacturers and designers have the ability to experiment more with their designs, thus spawning the variety of jewelry available.

Besides being cheap, the alloy is also rust proof, with some variants even scratch resistant. What makes stainless steel ‘stainless’ is due to the fact that the iron-nickel alloy (steel) is plated with chromium, a known inert metal. This chromium acts as a shield for the alloy and is the one exposed to corrosion. The chromium plating, besides the shielding also gives the metal a unique shine characteristic to stainless steel.

How To Become A Fashion And Style Professional With Virtual Doll Games

Children that love fashion should, with no doubt, be ecstatic while they’re playing improved Barbie dress up games. With such games, they can make numerous combinations with stylish accessories.

Everyone is so busy in the modern world, with university, work, or hobbies. We live in a world where appearance can tell everything about a person. Everyone should be dressed sharp to make a positive impression. In the case that you wouldn’t like to take fashion advices from your grandma, you should surely need to take some actions to improve your skills related to the latest fashion trends. If that these actions is interesting, things are even more addictive. The best way to figure out some facts about fashion is to play virtual doll games. With virtual doll games you will not only figure out interesting facts about the fashionable accessories, and you and your little girls will also figure out how to create the best dresses.

If you and your girl are interested in popular people you and your little girls will definitely find it really entertaining to dress them up for some special events; you can even change their image. In the case that you and your children want to dress Britney Spears in jeans and take a look what does she look like with black hair, you can surely do this. By the way, you and your kids can choose color of the skin for your favourite dolls. This way you and your children may see if some clothes look better on certain types of skin.

By the way, you and your girl may try various makeovers to see whether they fit or not. This way, when you and your kids will select some piece of clothing for yourself, you and your girl will know for sure where to dress it. Do not worry if you and your daughters don’t create the right variation for the first time; you and your kid will develop your sense of style as you and your children play fashion games more.

Online Barbie dress up games make things so easy for girls that want to figure out new things about fashion. Instead of going through all those shops and get in touch with the new tendencies, you and your little girls can better go and design a style for your virtual doll; this is definitely much easier and much more addictive.

The most interesting part in Flash dress up and makeover games is the fact that they are available free, on the Web. You and your little girls will find many excellent online fashion games, but be very careful because these games are very addictive.

With Web dress up games you and your daughter will definitely become a very good professional in fashion. If you and your daughters play dress up and makeover games for a long time, you may easily become a guru in fashion and accessories. And in the case that you and your kids don’t, at least you know you and your kids were so happy.

Artisan Jewelry and Accessory Trends For Spring & Summer 2009

It’s spring/summer jewelry fashion trend time. When the snow starts to melt, green grass and spring flowers are popping up and eventually fresh spring temperatures turn into hot summer nights. We eagerly anticipate spring and summer bring out the flip flops and the bright seasonal colors after a long winter.

While it’s fun to watch and be aware of the trends, it’s also recommended to pick and choose which trends to incorporate into your wardrobe based on your personal style and body shape. There’s no point in being a slave to fashion trends. Go with what you love and while it’s great to have a few trendy pieces, the best fashions stand the test of time. Select your pieces carefully choosing ones that fit into trends but that you’ll still love in years to come.

The following are the key spring and summer 2009 jewelry and accessory fashion trends:

I. It’s All About The Ear-ring

II. Bangle Mania

III. Piled On The Neck-lace

IV. Eco Jewelry

V. Weaved IT Bag

VI. It’s A Wrap

VII. It’s A Romance

VIII. Metal It Up – Metalics

IX. All About The Color

I. It’s all about the ear – Earring that is

This season it’s move over statement necklace, it’s all about the ear, earring that is! While the statement necklace is still in (see below) there was a lot more focus on the ear for spring/summer runway fashion. The earring is this season’s must buy artisan jewelry piece.

The earring takes center stage and is set off perfectly with the beauty trend of hair swept up off the face. The earring cascading down the neck with hair swept up creates that stunning long swan like neck a perfect look for the warmer weather.

Long chandelier earrings and the bigger the better are hot this season, but that isn’t for everyone. Wear what works for your proportions. There’s a wide range of artisan earring choices available this season in appropriate sizes and weights for every woman. The chandelier look can be achieved with long chunky earrings or light long dangling filigree style. The trend earring effect can be achieved with either the delicate or chunky styles but with proportions appropriate for each woman’s size.

II. Bangle Mania

There seems to be no end to bangle mania as it continues to play a strong role in fashion and is a great investment. For around $20-25 you can achieve this trend effect. This spring and summer bangles on the runway were an eclectic mix of colors and styles piled high up the arm for a dramatic look.

Stack them up the arm in a colorful mix to achieve the runway look or if this look is just a little too over the top choose one or two bangles for a more subtle but on trend look. Whether you choose bright colors, resin, tribal, stone accented, brass, copper or silver, there’s no end to the choice this season and all variations fit into the trend.

III. Layered Necklaces

Many of the designers featured layers of beaded necklaces during the spring/summer fashion weeks. To achieve the runway version of the look, pile them on high. If you are seeking the layered effect without the over the top weight of multiple necklaces, seek out a more subtle artisan necklace which has multi strands to it. In this way you’ll achieve the layered look without the heaviness of the piled effect.

IV. Eco Jewelry

Eco jewelry is here to stay, look for pieces which are recycled, or produced in an eco friendly way.

V. Weaved It Bag

Spring/Summer 09’s hot handbag is the weaved bag. This is the IT bag for the season. While most of the ones on the runway are leather and with mighty big price tags you can also seek out eco recycled plastic weaved bags. There are weaved bags available which have been hand woven by a Fair Trade organisation in India and have the IT weaved effect without the leather. As an added bonus they are available in a bright range of colors for a burst of color. These bags are perfect for everyday wear or to take to the beach.

VI. It’s A Wrap

In addition to the earring, the scarf is another must have seasonal fashion accessory. They’re so hot they’ve been featured in all the major fashion magazines and blogs with lots of how to wear tutorials.

A scarf can add a perfect punch of color to any outfit and an elegant way to stay warm on a cool spring or summer eve. While hot for this season, scarves are a great investment as a wardrobe essential.

VII. It’s A Romance

Spring and summer is the perfect time for a little romance. This spring/summer there is no shortage of romantic fashion and accessories – pretty florals, transparent fabrics, ruffles, chandelier earrings, pastel and blush colors and more. Adding romantic touches to your outfit is easy with artisan jewelry. What could be more romantic than a pair of chandelier earrings or a piece of handmade silver jewelry with intricate filigree detailing?

VIII. Metal It Up Metalics

Silver, Gold, Brass and Pewter oh my! Metallic influences abound in clothing and in accessories. Pick your favourite metal jewelry and accent that outfit with a little shine.

IX. It’s All About Color

This spring and summer season there is a beautiful mix of bright, pastel colors and even black and white in fashion and artisan jewelry trends. Bright colors for this season include green, purple, red, pink and blue. Pastel and nude colors are blush pink and skin tone colors.

Classic Vs Cool Fashion and Accessories

Please don’t allow the title of this article fool you- classic fashion can most certainly be cool, and cool fashion can be so cool that it becomes classic. But when choosing certain items, namely accessories, we tend to go for those that are either classic- Hermes ties, silver cufflinks, black leather bags- or cool- rusty Santa Fe rings, cloth Mexican print bags, or bright coloured scarves.

A benefit of cool is that few people will have it. This is especially true if you bought the item on the beach or in a one-of-a-kind shop. While a benefit of classic is that it will always be in style. Moreover, people tend to spend more money on classic items, and therefore they tend to last longer.

Here’s a short list of classic and cool items every man and woman should own.

1. Classic for him: A navy blue sports jacket. Navy is a very handsome and sophisticated colour. It goes with everything and is almost always in season (although better suited for colder weather). The beauty of a navy sports jacket is its versatility. It can be paired with blue jeans, black jeans, khakis, corduroys, or even suit trousers.

Classic for her: The little black dress. Every woman needs a little black dress in her closet. It is the go-to outfit for a job interview, a Christmas party, or a nice dinner and night out with friends. LBD’s can be sexy or professional, owning one of each is therefore ideal.

2. Cool for him: colourful high tops. The options of cool mens kicks are endless. From purple and green, to graffiti Converse, there is no limit to how cool a guys feet can look. Fun sneakers are a great way to splash out and let the world know that you’re bold and not afraid to look street.

Cool for her: An original cloth bag from somewhere like Bali or Mexico is the perfect accessory for a boho, summer look. These tend to be inexpensive accessories that will have all your friends ooing and aaing and wishing they had one for themselves.

3. Classic for him: Silver cufflinks. There are few more versatile accessories for men than a nice pair of silver cufflinks. For a more personal gift, try engraving them with the recipients initials. Silver cufflinks are great with suits at work or a dress shirt and jeans on a Sunday afternoon.

Classic for her: A big black leather bag. Every woman needs a big bag to lug all of her things around in. If you’re going to go big, you need to go black, and should really go leather as well.

4. Cool for him: beads. A lot of men don’t like to wear jewellery, let alone hippy jewellery. But nice, small wooden beads worn around the neck can be very cool. And they even look good when paired with other types of chains.

Cool for her: A Fedora hat. Fedora hats are in style one minute and out the next, it’s too hard to keep up. Why they ever go out is beyond me. They are very cool and ideal with a pair jeans and a tshit, or a summer maxi dress.

9 Steps How to Get Your Fashions and Accessories Manufactured

Quotas, sample costs, materials, capital, first runs – don’t know where to start?

o A simple step-by-step guide to getting your product manufactured.
o How to decide which manufacturer to use
o Where to find the best manufacturer for YOUR design
– trade fairs, online sources, agents.
o The pros and cons of hiring and agent vs. going direct.
o The facts about quality control, commissions, quotas and more.
o What you’ll need including letters of credit, shipping options, brokers and codes.
All of the above assumes you have done your market research in terms of design, competitive research, distribution, etc.

Step I: What does manufacturing entail?

Getting your product made and to market can be up to 80% of a company’s revenue!
The scope of this supply chain includes more than you think:
o Organization and financing, selling, design, purchasing, sourcing raw materials/manufacturing/finished goods, shipping, distributing and final accounting to determine success of cycle.
Typical problems include:
o Late supply (= canceled orders), poor quality, financing troubles, packing that doesn’t fit standards, packing leading to breakage, design without consideration of cost.
If you know what to look for in advance, you can save yourself lots of trouble.

Step II: Organization and Financing

This is one of the most important aspects for some of the following reasons…
o Retailers want net 30 or 60 but may pay as late as 6 months.
Manufacturers want a deposit, prepay or pay on finish.
This means you are financing both the retailer’s inventory and the manufacturer’s production. Unless you can negotiate better terms.
o High minimum production runs means money tied up in production or inventory that can’t be spent on marketing, sales, salaries or making rent. Effectively managing production to ensure less time between design and production/distribution allows closer following of trends and less cost as money to finance product is returned faster (eg. Zara, H&M)
This is usually the biggest problem in new businesses.

Step III: SALES – Selling large accounts on samples is one of the best ways to reduce risk of failure

o Large retailers buy Holiday product in February for a September ship date.
o Manage inventory to make sure you don’t produce items that won’t sell and for which there is no demand.
o Often necessitates financing as larger stores will buy thousands of dollars for product meaning …you front thousands of dollars in production costs
o You may be able to negotiate better rates on manufacturing terms and financing if you have pre-cleared orders to use as collateral.
o If you do not have pre-orders, you will have to time your manufacturing so that production is finished as close as possible to ship date of merchandise to minimize inventory holding costs.

Step IV: Design/Packaging

Understand the inputs to decrease markups, extra costs
o Trimmings that manufacturers source for you from sub-parties will be marked up by the manufacturer Plan assortments well – they can be the death of you because of inventory holding costs (one shirt in size 0-14 means significant inventory for one item)
o Package to make good merchandising, efficient packing and shipping, and fulfill imports and material requirements (I.e. FDA, cleaning instructions, fiber content)Have a detailed spec sheet to help monitor process and for quality control including:
– Product, Characteristics, Usage, Materials, Dimensions, Sizes, Colors, Standards, Packaging shipping Methods, Special Instructions

Step V: Purchasing – Streamline purchasing of raw materials

o Some companies purchase almost finished goods and customize to make it their own – less cost and faster turnaround because factory probably makes it for others. Downside is less differentiation.
o Manufacturer’s can sub-source trimmings but will charge a markup. Some manufacturers sub-source from 50-60 material suppliers.
o Before purchasing in bulk, make sure that your trimmings will be viable in samples and with manufacturers machines or process work flow. And make sure that you can reorder the same materials.
o Make sure that you leave enough lead time (more than you’ve been told or think you need) for purchasing of materials as one late item can hold up your entire run.

Step VI: Sourcing – How best to find the right source for you

o Establish goals of manufacturing: scalability, outsourcing, specialized equipment, etc. Review domestic and international options – if you are starting with low quantities it is better to start domestically.
o Determine if you’d like to hire and agent (international) or production contractor.
– An average production contractor in New York costs $500/week and will help source, manage and quality control (“QC”).
– An agent will also help source, manage and QC but usually charges 8-15% and will not want to deal with quantities less than thousands.
o Best way to find manufacturers and agents are online, trade shows and referrals.
o Review process of manufacturing and checklist of important points to monitor process (this will be different for each type of product so you must make your own).

Step VII: Shipping – Understand the inputs to decrease markups

o Quotas – Countries like China have different quotas on various fibers. This isn’t much a problem if you’re doing small runs and just starting out.
o Broker – can help you assess shipping options and should be able to assign harmonized tariff codes to your goods to you. This code determines the levels of duties paid for an individual item. For instance, a silk notepad from China has 0.4% tariff, jewelry roll 20%, shoes 37.5%.
o Options – Internationally use ocean freight as it’s 3-10x less expensive. Under 150lbs you may use airfreight. Domestically, shop around! Prices vary drastically.
o Letter of credit – a letter of credit is set up through the bank to confirm that you have the requisite amount to pay for goods, shipping and duties. When something goes wrong- you’re usually screwed.

Step VIII: Distribution – Ensure cost of distribution is factored in to final price

o Physical distribution: SAMPLE PRICING
o Account Setup fee – $99
o Order Processing – $1.85 per order plus $0.30 for each item in the order
o Carrier Charges (UPS, USPS) – Actual Charges
o Storage – $10.00 per cube space of 4’x4’x4′ per month. One SKU per cube.
o Insurance – $30 per month per $50,000 in inventory.
o Monthly Fees – Minimum $99 or Actual Fulfillment Bill.
o Sales: Website, trunk show or trade show costs
– Standard 10’x10′ booth at the New York Gift show is about $4,900 + electricity, moving fees and whatever you buy to make your booth inspiring

Step IX: Final Accounting and Review – Review the cycle to determine profit – how do your costs measure up to the averages?

o For imports shipping should benchmark 20% mark up from cost of product. Your cost of a landed product (cost upon arrival in your warehouse) should be 50% or less than the sales price you get for it.
o Additional 50% will go to operating costs, marketing, and distribution, general and administrative.
o Finding a perfect source is not a fool proof solution – things happen, manufacturers go our of business, or find bigger customers, or your key account rep. who has assured quality every time may simply decide to go do something else!
o You should always keep looking for new suppliers as backup or as an option if your business improves enough to expand.

How Female Celebrities Affect Fashion and Accessory Trends

The world of a celebrity is a fickle and ever changing one. With trends coming and going faster than your favourite celeb can snap their fingers it is a constant, ever changing source of inspiration for fashion and accessory trends. Celebrities want to make sure that they always look great so their stylists are always on hand to make sure that they’re either the ones wearing the latest fashion trends or that they are the ones responsible for creating them!

With the correct outfit or accessory piece capable of generating a huge amount of buzz in the media it’s no surprise that you’ll rarely see the biggest celebrities wearing the same outfit twice. Becoming influential in the fashion world is all about being a trend setter and some classic examples of celebrities who have pulled this off successfully are below.

Victoria Beckham
She’s always immaculately dressed and styled to within an inch of her life. If this diva so much as changes her hairstyle then the whole world sees it as breaking news. Always a fan of designer fashion and accessories its no wonder she was dubbed ‘posh’ spice!

Vanessa Hudgens
This high school musical star is influential in teen fashion and wears edgy, cool and chic clothes and accessories.

Lady Gaga
This high profile singer is one of the most well known stars for making her own fashion statements and designing her own weird and wacky outfits.

Artist Inspired Eco-Friendly Fashion and Accessories

Eco-friendly fashion has enormous momentum! Everyone these days recycles something and countless people recycle as much as they possible can. Recycling not only includes the gathering of recyclable materials raw and otherwise, but also includes reusing items in new products that may otherwise be thrown away. Next would be purchasing products that have recycled content. This is a recycling loop. One person’s refuse becomes another person’s prized piece of art!

In the world of handcrafted fashion accessories aged metal found at a neighbor’s deconstruction site may be cut into various shapes and sizes and used by artists to make incredible pieces of beautiful jewelry embellished with pearls and gemstones. Broken pieces of colorful glass bottles tumbled in a rock polisher make gorgeous pendants. Bicycle parts, nuts and bolts, bottle caps and more remake their way into our lives in various merchandise. Jeans have a way of becoming jackets, totes and backpacks. Belts become the straps of shoulder bags. Metal cut from coffee cans may become components of earrings. The creativity of recycling by our talented artists is unlimited! Recycling refuse and unwanted objects into beautiful new items that may be worn or used everyday inspires many artists. Looking at a throw away object determining how it can be creatively changed into something useful whether it be jewelry, clothing, household goods or home d├ęcor is a fun artistic challenge.

People feel very good about buying their fashion accessories, home furnishings and domestic goods from artist that are being environmentally friendly by reusing materials that would have otherwise been thrown away. Does their creativity inspire you to recycle items you may be thinking of tossing aside? For many it does.

Purchasing items made with secondhand materials is win win situation for both the artist and the consumer. Not only are we preventing the need for future landfills we are also preventing future pollution from the processing of raw materials. Also we are saving energy and conserving our great natural resources such as vegetation, water, mineral deposits and our precious forests.

Environmentally friendly artists not only create custom gemstone jewelry using previously used materials and components, the boxes that jewelry is packaged in are made from recycled paper, the mailing envelopes are made with recycled materials and the bubble wrap is on its second or third time around. Even the packaging the artists supplies arrive at their studios in are recycled and all the invoices are printed on paper that has been recycled!

Bridal Fashion and Accessories!

When my fiance and I set the date for our wedding, I started planning and shopping for all my accessories and wedding supplies, right away. I’m an online shopaholic, so, my first course of action was to hit the web. There were accessories and reception supplies that would help me to plan the most fantastic wedding and reception party ever, all on my computer. Starting with the beautiful invitations I chose, and finishing with the super wedding favors for our friends and family.

We had no problem choosing the theme we wanted for our wedding and reception, it had to be a beach theme. The beach has been a special place for us and our friends ever since we were kids.

I ordered beach invitations right away so they would be on their way to our friends and family, first thing. All the guests we invited said they would be there and that they can hardly wait to watch us walk down the aisle. My bridal accessories were the next thing on my wedding list that I would need. Shopping online has almost become a hobby for me, but even I couldn’t believe what a wonderful selection they had to offer. I saw a gorgeous tiara and hair comb in the selection, and I just had to have them. Not only did I find the perfect hair accessories, but my wedding jewelry too. I looked at all the jewelry and found the necklace and earring set I wanted to wear with my wedding dress. The pearls and crystals on the necklace set really added to the elegance of my wedding dress.

Great selection of bridal fashion supplies and the low cost really made this shopping worth while. I also bought a few items I can use while on our honeymoon. Even though we were getting married on the beach, I insisted on a floor length wedding dress. There were satin summer dresses for my bridesmaids and my flower girl, that had a knee length hemline. Everyone of them looked stunning and my flower girl was so adorable.

There were tiki torches and those little white Christmas lights everywhere and a dance floor my fiance had fixed there. I had sailboat place card holders and placed seashells and starfish all around the tables. I didn’t want to give our guests some useless wedding favor that would be stuck in a drawer and forgotten, so we gave them beach themed picture frames as thank you gifts. Everyone seemed to like the gifts they received. There are a lot of services where you can buy essay such as:,,, make your own choice!

Our wedding table was beautifully set with beach themed champagne flutes, little beach tea lights and lovely beach themed candles and holders. All the supplies and accessories for our wedding reception was decorated in an ocean side motif, and so was our cake topper. We had a cake topper of a young couple holding each other as they walked along the beach. I’m so glad they had all the supplies and bridal accessories we needed to plan the perfect beach wedding and reception. For those that weren’t into seafood, we made sure we had plenty of steaks and chicken for them. We danced to some really great tunes and enjoyed the fantastic foods that were prepared and just had one heck of a beach party. I kinda hated to leave the party for our honeymoon, everyone was having such a great time.

The Internet Offers Customizable Fashion and Accessories

Those of us with particular tastes may have a hard time finding the type of things we like in the mega-stores that have taken over. It can be difficult for a small niche store to generate enough business even in the largest of cities, especially when those small businesses are producing items like handbags and diaper bags that are typically kept safe and treasured more often than they are worn out or even with daily use.

The advent of the Internet has changed the game for people who have something artistic, beautiful, or unique to offer to the world of fashion and accessories, allowing them to offer their products to people all over the world from the comfort of their homes. This ability to produce from home without the need to maintain an expensive storefront has allowed some of the quirkier and more unique designers to form their own customer base online, and helps place some wonderfully creative things on the market.

Buying a personally designed and handcrafted purse or handbag online is a dream come true for some people, and allows you to show off your personal style in public with something that is simply not for sale at the store around the corner. Even better are those rare and wonderful designers who create a lovely style of handbag or a whole line of bags, and then let you customize the details for your own unique self.

Not all of us have the creative and technical ability that it takes to create a work of useful art that is both wearable and durable, but anyone can now have a purse or bag that reflects their own personal sense of style as well as their personality. At the best of these sites, choose from a handful of different designs and then customize your bag’s color and pattern design, straps, and accessories from a list carefully chosen by the designer.

Once you have designed your own bag, all you have to do is wait while it is lovingly and skillfully stitched together exactly the way you want it, crafted by hand and mailed to you as a one custom designed item. You will love the way that your handcrafted bag looks and the quality that will allow it to last and last, and since it is the perfect expression of your personal style, you will want to wear it for years to come!

Fashion and Accessories Home-Based Business

If fashion is what your language is, then you can be good at fashion and accessories making home-based business. The world is thrilled with the enhancement that fashionable items and artistic outputs can do. Life could be dull without fashionable clothes, creative beads and pieces, beautiful shoes, nice costume jewelries, and modern bags. Young and old individuals are more open-minded in carrying what’s in. Women have become trendier while men have started to dress for the day-with or without occasion.

To start a fashion and accessories business, you must be aware of latest trends in dress and apparels. Be aware that your competitors are malls and shops that are mushrooming everywhere but be challenged to provide what they cannot which is house-to-house transaction. Your clients need not spend money for gasoline just to travel to the shops to get a new pair of accessories or dress. There are two options you can choose in venturing into fashion and accessories business. First is that you can get good deals from wholesalers and producers of signature and non-signed brands that are sellable. Second is that you can create your own line of jewelries, accessories, bags, shoes and watches. Whatever products you will be specializing on, you must zero it down to establish a more specific identity as a company.

If you will be creating your original clothing pieces and costume jewelries, you must be largely creative in terms of fashion and jewelry designing. This could be a greater challenge and test as to what extent you are capable for producing. You might need extra hand to create multiple products to suffice multiple orders. Always be ready to set reasonable prices for your customers.